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Brenda Woody
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We love to read erotic romance. Doesn't always have to be HEA.


In bed, its Erotic. In the mind, its Porn.

Brenda & Steve

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Tonya Kinzer
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My favorite, of course, is anything that touches on the bondage, Dom/sub aspects! tsssss! I don't go in for reading about topics such as caning until the sub is bleeding, no needles or skin punctures, no roping that cuts off circulation to any body part!

Soft bondage is what interests me as well as those prolonged...don't cum yet...type of reads. Telling a male sub the same thing is fun, too!

What do you enjoy reading? Come join in the conversation! We have lots of readers peeking in so help us give them something more to read, come on, share with us! *wink*





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